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Real Estate Law:  Our Boulder, Colorado Law Firm emphasizes the practice of Real Estate Law, and we represent clients throughout Colorado in all types of Real Estate matters.  Our Firm regularly handles the full spectrum of Real Estate Litigation and Appeal matters, transactional Real Estate matters such as sales/purchases, closings, contracts, leases, and options, and land use, real estate development, construction, boundary, homeowners association (HOA), and title issues.   Please visit our Real Estate Law page for more information on our Real Estate Practice.   

Construction and Design Law: 
Our Boulder, Colorado Law Firm specifically emphasizes the practice of Construction and Design Law, and we regularly represent clients throughout Colorado in a variety of Construction Law matters ranging from the drafting and review of construction and design contracts to complex construction litigation and appeals.  Please visit our Construction Law page for more information on our Construction and Design Law Practice.

Litigation and Appeals:  Our Boulder, Colorado Law Firm specifically emphasizes the practice of Civil Litigation and Appeals and a large portion of our Firm's practice is devoted to litigation and appeal matters.  We represent a wide variety of clients in litigation and appeal matters of every size and scope before all of Colorado's State and Federal Courts.  Please visit our Litigation and Appeals page for more information on our Litigation and Appeals Practice.

HOA (Homeowners Association) Law:  Our Boulder, Colorado Law Firm emphasizes the practice of Homeowner Association (HOA) Law, and we represent clients throughout the State of Colorado in a variety of HOA matters.  Please visit our HOA Law page for more information on our HOA Practice.  

Business and Commercial Law:  Formation, Governance & Litigation: 
Our Boulder, Colorado Law Firm regularly represents clients in the selection and formation of corporations, limited liability companies, partnerships, limited liability limited partnerships, joint ventures, non-profits and other organizational structures for their business ventures.  We assist our clients in the proper governance and operation of their business to maintain the asset and liability protections, which is one of the primary benefits of incorporating a business.  We also assist our business clients with a variety of legal issues arising in their day-to-day business operations, including the drafting and negotiation of contracts, business disputes and employment matters among others.  Since many of our clients do not have in-house counsel, we offer our experience and expertise to our business clients on an as-needed basis.  We regularly draft and negotiate single-purpose or standard form contracts and represent clients in the sale or purchase of an existing business.  We also understand that every business has exposure to liability and litigation.  Therefore, we work closely with our business clients on advance liability management and Asset Protection planning.  Our Firm also emphasizes Litigation and Appeals, and regularly handles a full course of business and commercial litigation and appeal matters, serving as strong, tenacious, and zealous advocates to protect and enforce our client’s legal rights, with an approach sensitive to each particular client's goals and needs.  Our Firm has extensive expertise regarding the very specific, and often complex, laws that govern the operation of corporations and other types of businesses and we work diligently to ensure that our clients understand and properly adhere to these requirements.  Our Firm goes beyond a one-size-fits-all approach to thoroughly evaluate our client’s situation, taking action to protect and enforce our client’s legal rights, and paying close attention to crucial legal details and nuances that others might have overlooked to achieve a successful outcome and avoid extra costs and problems down the road.  In many instances, a small initial investment in legal services can save you enormous costs, headaches and problems in the future and ensure that you fully understand your legal rights and the future obligations or restrictions to which you are agreeing.  Whatever type of Business issue you are dealing with, our Firm can help.  Contact us today for a free initial consultation and evaluation of your Business case.  Below, please find articles and other resources dealing with Business and Commercial Law.

Business and Commercial Law Articles and Resources:

Estate Planning, Administration and Probate: Our Boulder, Colorado Law Firm provides clients with a full range of estate planning, estate administration and probate services.  We work closely with our clients to evaluate our clients’ finances, assets, personal wishes, and other circumstances to custom design a comprehensive and holistic estate plan that meets our clients’ and their families’ needs and wishes, utilizing the full assortment of available estate planning tools including, wills, trusts, family partnerships, and other structures.  In addition to the financial and asset aspects of estate planning, our approach also focuses on the medical and personal aspects of estate planning, including, the preparation of living wills and power of attorney documents to help ease the strain of end-of-life decisions and ensure our client’s wishes are carried out to their full extent.  Our Firm also assists clients and their families with lifetime and charitable gifts, business succession and long-term care and Medicaid planning.  We also work closely with your financial planners, accountants and other professionals to integrate your estate plan into your full lifetime financial plan and to consider other legal aspects of your financial plan, such as Asset Protection, to implement the best possible strategy to achieve your goals.  Our Firm also provides complete probate and estate administration services for dealing with the legal aspects of the passing of a family member, whether or not a will was left.  We work closely with personal representatives and heirs on matters such as the identification, inventory and appraisal of property, estate tax returns, property distribution, will contests, creditor claims, fiduciary issues, financial mismanagement and estate disputes among heirs.  Our Firm pays close attention to crucial legal details and nuances that clients or others may overlook on their own in order to achieve a successful outcome avoiding extra costs and problems down the road.  Whatever type of Estate or Probate issue you are dealing with, our Firm can help.  Contact us today for a free initial consultation/evaluation of your Estate and Probate case. 

Asset Protection. Preserving what has taken years for an individual or business to build and accumulate requires sophisticated and diligent advance planning, which utilizes the protections available under the law.  Many businesses and individuals are simply unaware of many simple legal measures that can be taken to provide significant protection of their assets and a limitation of potential liability.  Many others with a significant asset base and liability exposure simply do not realize that client-specific risk management and asset protection measures are a crucial component to protect their assets and manage risk.  All too often, businesses and individuals discover too late the measures they could have previously taken to protect their now-exposed assets and businesses, which would have minimized liability and asset exposure.  Our firm utilizes a holistic and client-specific approach to asset protection and risk management to ensure that our clients have instituted and properly utilized the advantages and protections that the law provides them with to protect assets and minimize exposure to liability.      

Asset Protection Articles and Resources:

Alternative Dispute Resolution
.  While in some instances, litigation may be the only avenue to effectively resolve a dispute, we also fully understand the costs--both financial and personal--the delays, the risks and the anxieties for all parties involved in any litigation and the opportunities that often exist to resolve a dispute through the use of alternative methods of dispute resolution, such as mediation, negotiation, confidential and private arbitration, or facilitated or non-facilitated settlement conferences. We are on the forefront of the use of such alternative dispute resolution techniques to resolve a dispute without resorting to litigation. We know that the cost, privacy, and convenience of alternative dispute resolution can be appealing to our clients who seek to avoid the impacts of protracted litigation.  We also have
extensive experience in alternative dispute resolution for construction disputes, particularly the dispute resolution provisions of the Colorado Construction Defect Action Reform Act, Colorado Revised Statues § 13-20-801 et. seq., which requires property owners and construction professionals to undertake a mandatory, pre-litigation alternative dispute resolution process to attempt to resolve these disputes out-of-court before the parties incur substantial litigation costs, which often end up becoming a driving force for the continuation of litigation. 

        Alternative Dispute Resolution Articles and Links:

Administrative Law/General Legal Matters.  We understand that changes in circumstances often require legal representation and personalized attention to deal with the legal ramifications of life's changes.  We represent clients in a variety of administrative and general matters, amongst them, governmental hearings, employment disputes, discrimination disputes, bidding disputes, name change petitions, petitions to seal criminal records, and insurance disputes.   




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